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Lumbar spine scanning requires more planning than conventional chest and body scanning. The positioning of the patient and selection of an appropriate technique to fit the clinical indications are essential. In this respect, DynaWell L-Spine is a helpful diagnostic tool for any CT or MRI scanner.

Quite simply, DynaWell L-Spine offers a comfortable, easy-to-use diagnostic technique that enhances the data acquired by the scanner. Problems that would ordinarily remain undetected when the patient's spine is relaxed are now visible.

How does it work in practice?
As with an ordinary CT or MRI scan, the patient is asked to lie down on a flat table. However, with DynaWell L-Spine, the similarity ends there. The patient wears the DynaWell L-Spine vest over his/hers shoulders and upper chest. The straps on the vest are tightened over the patient's chest and the patient's feet are placed against the footplate of the compression device. Two adjustable cords on opposite sides of the vest are attached to the medical compression device. By tightening the cords to a desired and measured load (up to 50% of body weight), it is possible to compress the spinal cord in a way that is similar to that of upright posture.

The DynaWell L-Spine compression device helps patients remain motionless and distributes the pressure across the chest rather than the shoulders. Thus, with a loaded scan, problems are often more visible than with an unloaded scan.

For physicians, DynaWell L-Spine is easy to use and addresses the widely recognized need to simulate the upright position in patient examinations of the lower back. It provides enhanced cross-sectional and longitudinal images of the patient's back that often reveal problems not otherwise visible.

For patients, DynaWell L-Spine is comfortable and may allow for earlier and more valid diagnosis, allowing physicians to treat their spinal disorder and help them return to a pain-free lifestyle. Fundamental to the design of DynaWell L-Spine is the idea of achieving a high level of patient comfort, while enabling enhanced imaging of the lower back.

DynaWell L-Spine


How it Works

Imaging Benefits

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